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Manager's blog

Manager's blog

31 January 2022

At The Parade Cinema, our overall goal is to provide shows for everyone, whether that be a £3 ticket for our Kids Club on a Saturday or a more expensive ticket for a Live streamed performance on a Thursday evening.  We try to provide a mixture of films and content for all interests.


Our goal is to have a month’s worth of films programmed and available for people to book.  That is not easy to achieve.


Film distributors obviously want their films to play as many times as possible in as many screens as possible in order to make as much money as possible.  To achieve this, if we want a very popular film on its opening day, we have to agree to play it four times a day for two weeks.  There are only a few films where this would be desirable (No Time To Die for example) and we do therefore have to make the decision to play films a week or two after their initial release date or, as in one notable upcoming example, refuse to show the film altogether because of the impact it would have on the rest of our film lineup.  As a single screen cinema, we want the flexibility to play films at times that suit our audience, on days that work well for all of us.


The knock on effect of lengthy negotiations over some films is that it delays confirming other smaller titles that are happy to slot in where they can. 


All of this is to say, thank you for your patience and understanding while negotiations have been going on and we have been unable to produce film listings more than a week in advance.

David Williams
General Manager