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Films in January

Films in January

Films in January

18 May 2022

In December I wrote a post about the difficulties of booking larger films. As a single screen cinema, we struggle to accommodate all of the film distributor’s demands (News | The Parade Cinema). Thank you to everyone who took the time to read it, hopefully, it went some way to explaining why it takes so long to confirm upcoming films.

2022, a new year, the beginning of our first full year of operation at The Parade. However some problems remain consistent, but for different reasons, allow me to explain…

At the time of writing this, it is a Monday morning, with a new cinema week due to start in four days on Friday, and yet, I have no films confirmed to play, surprisingly this is less due to difficult distributor negotiations and more to do with the dreaded Coronavirus.

Normally January, February and March are an exciting time for cinemas. It is the lead up to award season and all the award hopefuls are fighting for a spot on cinema screens. There would normally be some difficult, but interesting choices as to which of the myriad excellent titles we should play. This year I have in the last two weeks seen a number of titles that would have formed the lynchpin of our six-week program moved back by two or more months, the reason: At the time of writing, England is one of the few countries to not have restrictions on cinema attendance, with most areas having reduced screen capacity or operating hours, this means our film distributors are re-evaluating their release schedules. At The Parade, our six-week programme we had worked out before Christmas has to now be changed, with some films being moved at short notice.

We have a fantastic community in Marlborough, and I am grateful for the support and understanding that we have been shown so far. Please, bear with us a little longer while we work with distributors.

David Williams, General Manager