Meet the Manager

Meet the Manager

Meet the Manager

31 August 2021

My career in cinema started May 12th 2001, in a small Welsh town.

I quickly fell in love with everything that cinema had to offer. At the time, I would have never described myself as a film buff, yes I went to the cinema every week, (I am embarrassed by the number of times I watched the Phantom Menace in the cinema), but my knowledge of film was limited when compared to many of my colleagues.

Twenty years ago, I would never have imagined that one of my favourite films would be La vita è Bella, a film that sits comfortably alongside Blade Runner as a film that I can watch time and again, always finding something new to appreciate and enjoy.

It did not take long for me to realise that I wanted to make my career in cinema. I was lucky to have a supportive management that were happy to help me with training and opportunities. 

My career has seen me running cinemas of all different shapes and sizes, from single-screen arthouse cinemas to ten screen multiplexes. While the venues have changed, and I have worked across several companies, the one thing that has never wavered is the belief that cinema should always be an experience that goes beyond the film being watched.

Twenty-one years later, I find myself taking on quite possibly the most exciting project of my career, The Parade Cinema; housed in the old United Reformed Chapel and soon to be home to a 100+ seat auditorium café/bar located in the heart of Marlborough in rural Wiltshire. 

Many people can tell the history of this project in a far more interesting way than I can. As General Manager, it is my job to plan for the future, to ensure we offer the best possible experience. 

My overall vision for the cinema is one of inclusivity. I want the cinema to be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are looking for afternoon tea and a film, a Saturday night out with good food and a good film or a way to keep the children entertained for a few hours.

Where possible, we will be sourcing our food and drink from local companies. I am very keen to be working with local breweries and food suppliers. I strongly believe in promoting the best of local producers. 

Our on-site kitchen will enable us to produce a wide range of high-quality seasonal food, our bar will be offering a wide range of wines, beers and spirits alongside more traditional cinema fare like popcorn and sweets.

The film programme will be as varied as we can make it, we will showcase the latest blockbusters as well as the very best in arthouse, foreign language and live events from the National Theatre and others. Of course, we will have something for the little ones too, with regular kids' films at the weekend and during school holidays.

I'm very proud to be a part of building something that will be at the heart of Marlborough town and wider area community for many years to come.